Security Statement

We understand that the fundamental role of Depositit is to comprehensively protect your data and as such the highest levels of security are built in to all levels of our service.

Data security

All data transferred to and from Depositit is encrypted to levels endorsed by the US government and extensively used by the banking and telecommunications industries. The encryption keys are based on specific user passwords and are additionally stored in an encrypted format. All data is maintained in an encrypted state whilst at Depositit.

Storage infrastructure

Data is stored on our three fully redundant and geographically independant servers. The system is designed to shut down if it is unable to accept a minimum of two completely secure and independent copies of your data.

Personal information

All personal information is maintained in strictest confidence and access to information is restricted within Depositit. For more information please see our Privacy Policy. We use specialist payment service provider WorldPay and as such no credit or debit card payment information is retained by Depositit.

Physical security

Our servers are sited in three secure data centres benefiting from full UPS power protection and back up generators with constant monitoring 24 hours a day. All data centres are operationally equipped using water free fire suppressant systems, climate and moisture content control.

For any further information on security please contact [email protected]

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